Dec 16, 2010

'tis the Season !!

Hello Petiole Girls (and Boys). Let's set aside the tired (and boring) naughty and nice distinction. Let's set aside the recession. The holiday season is the best time to set the budget aside and give, no matter how you or your most loved have behaved. You'll make up rent in February, right? Christmas only comes once a year.

Here's the top of my (wish) list:

Dragonseed Book Mobile ($68 at theshop house at

Linea Carta Gold Wishing Bracelets ($16/each  at catbird, Williamsburg)

Brownstone Bag (on sale(!) for $126 at

TopsyDesign Vintage Wrist Watch ($195

And, of course, books, books and more books:

My holiday reading looks promising --  Raymond Carver may be my favorite writer ever. And Per Petterson isn't bad either. Those of you who haven't read "Out Stealing Horses" certainly should...

And for the dreamer in me....

(A.P.C  gets me every time)

merry everything,


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