Feb 26, 2011

Petiole Girl Profile: Mariana A.

Mariana is one of those people who has light emanating from within. She's kind and beautiful in a way that shines through every part of her being. For me, she's an inspiration and a dear friend. Almost incidentally, as though without any effort at all, Mariana also has kick ass taste in everything, clothing included. Check out her tumblr for more: http://www.mpormariana.tumblr.com

Favorite Place in the World: I've felt that way about many places. It changes. It has happened at night by a beach in Viet Nam, biking with a friend in the outskirts of Cholula, in a restaurant in London, by a river with my boyfriend and I could go on and on. If I'm happy and feeling that rush of loving everything around me and being excited about the future, then that's my favorite place right there, right then. And it always surprises me.

Style Icons: It changes every day. But some of the ones that always remain are: My mom in the 70's and 80's, my friend Arantxa who always looks beautiful no matter what she is wearing, Tilda Lindstam, Jane Birkin, and just about anyone who seems unafraid to wear what they like.

Favorite Designer for Evening: I wouldn't be able to say... I don't know much about designers. Oh! but last year I did see some amazing galaxy dresses by Christopher Kane. I was obsessed, $2000 however is completely out of my budget.

Favorite Designer who I can actually Afford: Most of the things I own come from thrift shops (hurray for $1 dresses!) and I love to buy clothes my friends or people in my community design. And then yes, there is Etsy, Urban Outfitters, Zara, or whatever I walk into.

Watch: ideally yes, in this moment and for the past 7 years no. I'm still looking though!

Favorite Movie: This is a very hard one, it depends a lot on my mood. But some that never fail are: Fanny and Alexander (it's so beautiful!), Gone with the Wind (yes, it seems to last an eternity, but it reminds me of my grandmother), The Darjeeling Limited, Wild Strawberries ... there really are thousands, can I skip this question?

Favorite Book: Endless list: Autobiography of a Yogi, Mrs. Dalloway, The Razor's Edge, any Harry Potter (huge fan), etc, etc.

Inspiration: people who's light spills from inside, art, beautiful cities and beautiful landscapes, my mom.

photo from www.rafaolivarria.com

Beauty must-haves: mascara, otherwise my eyelashes are non-existent. and a hair band (for when things get out of control).

-- Hannah

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