Nov 20, 2010

Isadora Duncan

The greatest gift a person can share with the world is their own personal sense of freedom & fresh way at looking at life.  We grow..We learn! from these truly inspirational forerunners.  Isadora Duncan is a revolutionary and a true Boheme.  She strayed from the pack by ditching her classical ballet roots to follow her own movements and beliefs, which in turn became the basis for modern dance today.  Isadora is a Petiole Femme, and the most inspiring of spirits.  Having lived an avant-garde lifestyle that was so selfless and derived from passion, she dedicated her life to passing along her own way of dance to young women.
Tragedy was no stranger to Isadora and it was an unlucky red scarf that was the unfortunate death of this true beauty. . .


     one of Isadora's beloved adopted daughters, Anna

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